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A number of alternate art (also known as alt art) cards have been released for Infinity Wars. Alternate art cards are purely cosmetic with no effect on gameplay.

Set pre-ordersEdit

The following cards were available as bonuses for pre-ordering sets. Some are tradeable, while others are soulbound. Apart from Plaguebearer, all are Platinum.

Alternate Art Penta-PacksEdit

The following cards were available from promotional Penta-Packs available from the In Game Store for a limited period. All of these cards are tradeable. Like any card in a Penta-Pack, these cards had a small chance of being Gold, Foil or GoldFoil.

Downloadable ContentEdit

The following cards were exclusively available as part of Downloadable Content (DLC). All of these cards are tradeable.

Ranked RewardsEdit

The following cards were awarded at the end of a Ranked season. All of these cards are tradeable. A fixed number of ordinary, Foil, Gold and GoldFoil versions were distributed to players on the ranked leaderboard.


The following cards were available from various events.

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