RISE- Ancient Egg
Faction Warpath Purity Warpath
Type Artifact
Set Rise Rarity Rare
Cost 2

At the start of each turn, Ancient Egg's age increases.

Sacrifice Ancient Egg: Create a random Beast Character. The Abilities, power and health of this character are random, but are more likely to be better the higher the age.




The exact probabilities for Ancient Egg are unknown.

Some results:

Age 1: 5/5 One of Many

Age 3: 2/2 Matriarch

Age 4: 6/6 Infected Pack Leader, 10/10 One of Many, 11/11 Matriarch

Age 5: 20/20 One of Many, 2/2 Matriarch, 13/13 Pack Leader

Age 6: 18/18 One of Many, 11/11 Killaroo, 15/15 Killaroo, 22/22 Killaroo, 3/3 Matriarch, 19/19 Infected Pack Leader, 21/21 Pack Leader

Age 10: 15/15 Hunted Dragon

Age 11: 41/41 Pack Leader

Age 25: 29/29 Pack Leader

Age 15: 44/44 Matriarch

Age 52: 170/170 Kilaroo

Age 55: 280/280 One of Many

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