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Words of great wisdom for aspiring artists "I would be doing a disservice if I didn't say the reality of it. its a pretty tough industry and there is not much work while there is a huge market of competition, you really do have to be extremely good to even earn peanuts. So you got to make sure you really wanna do it. That said it is worth a shot and if you try your best you can get very far." -Shiraz Domingo

Insperations Edit

  • James Gurney's Dinotopia was big for him
  • Movies such as The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Jet set future radio (Rollerblades and Graffiti)
  • An assortment of artist such as Jason Chan, Craig Mullins, James Gurney, and Gerald Brom

"I play alot of grand strategy aswell... you could say I am entering my grandpa stage of gaming" -Shiraz Domingo

Shiraz's Infinity Wars Thoughts Edit

First Card

Favorite Cards

Favorite Faction

  • To play Shiraz likes either Genesis or Verore
  • When it comes to drawing Shiraz likes Factionless

"...factionless seem to have a lot more 'unique' characters or at least interesting soldier types you could probably sum it up that I'm not really that interested by the faction designs haha I feel like I'm creating a more diverse world by making factionless." -Shiraz Domingo

If He Was To Come up With A New Faction:

Shiraz would want "A wizard faction, with gremlin helpers and sentient artifacts" -Shiraz Domingo, which sounds fantastical but don't worry "Oh yeah, they have guns too" -Shiraz Domingo. He didn't directly say this but he would also probably not want his faction to be shallow and very homogenous as he believes the current factions are.

"Don't get me into too much trouble :P" -Shiraz Domingo

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