Exiles Symbol

"The Exiles believe that life is short, and you could die at any time...especially right now."

-Wholesale Slaughter flavor text

With the already poor land of Reish being poisoned by the Cult of Verore's magic, the common populace found their crops deformed and demons invading their homes. Forced to eat the poisoned crops because of the low food supply, they took in the hellish taint of the magic. The magical taint twisted their bodies into the half-human, half-demon devils and twisted their minds, driving them insane. It was these corrupted people who became the Exiles.

Small groups of these devils roamed around the Wastes rampaging without any leadership until the powerful demon Nysrugh from Torment began to loosely organize them. Following the destruction of Veroria and Vasir's escape, the Demon Prince assumed leadership of the Exiles.

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