Overseers background

Solace is not one of the infinite dimensions created by the Calamity, and as such is not home to an Aleta. One way to think of it is as a metaphysical "overplane," and it is contrasted with the "underplane" of Torment. Both Solace and Torment predate the Calamity.

Solace is home to the Overseers of Solace, a highly organized and hierarchical army of angels who feed off of positive human emotions as they conduct their war against the demons of Torment. Many of the Overseers possess wings, either naturally occurring wings made of feathers or mechanical ones awarded to them upon the completion of a great deed. The main weapon of the Overseers is the Lightcaster, a type of gun, which they use to purge their enemies from existence.

Normally closed off from the other planes, the Prophet Karani sacrificed herself to open a gate between Solace and the Old World, allowing the Overseers to intervene and exterminate the Sleeper threat. Since then, Solace's Gate has remained open as the Overseers become more involved in the affairs of the planes.

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