///////////////////////UNDER CONSTRUCTION///////////////////////////////////////

As of Patch 1.5, Rift Runs are curated. [1][2]

Not Available in DraftEdit

The following cards cannot be drafted at all:

Name Faction Image
Ablaze Flame Dawn ORDER- Ablaze T
Azael Overseers of Solace ASCENSION- Azael
Bad-Bot Genesis Industries CORE- Bad-Bot
Bounty Hunter Factionless ASCENSION- Bounty Hunter
Boyo, Who Everybody Likes Factionless ORDER- Boyo, Who Everybody Likes
Brimstone Flame Dawn INFESTATION- Brimstone
Candit's Thrall Cult of Verore ORDER- Candit's Thrall
Conscripted Militia Factionless CORE- Conscripted Militia
Cowmmando Factionless OPPRESSION- Cowmmando
Decrepit Crystal Sleepers of Avarrach INFESTATION- Decrepit Crystal
Defender of the Realm Descendants of the Dragon INFESTATION- Defender Of The Realm
Deflect Factionless RISE- Deflect
Demon Hunter Factionless ASCENSION- Demon Hunter
Denial Of Advancement Overseers of Solace OPPRESSION- Denial Of Advancement
Die Another Day Overseers of Solace OPPRESSION- Die Another Day
EMP Grenade Genesis Industries ORDER- EMP Grenade
Enyah, Of The Endless Possibilities Factionless INFESTATION- Enyah, Of The Endless Possibilities
Explore Factionless CORE- Explore
Filing Cabinet Factionless ORDER- Filing Cabinet
Gather Thoughts Factionless ASCENSION- Gather Thoughts
Genesis Researcher Genesis Industries ORDER- Genesis Researcher
Grave Rob Factionless CORE- Grave Rob
Honor Hill Descendants of the Dragon ASCENSION- Honor Hill
Honorable Farewell Descendants of the Dragon OPPRESSION- Honorable Farewell
Immolation Drone Flame Dawn -or- Genesis Industries ASCENSION- Immolation Drone
Jialan, Guardian of Life Descendants of the Dragon RISE- Jialan, Guardian Of Life
Mega Unit 01 Genesis Industries CORE- Mega Unit 01
Misery Stone Cult of Verore RISE- Misery Stone
Orion, Master Engineer Genesis Industries ASCENSION- Orion, Master Engineer
Power of the Underdog Flame Dawn Power of the Underdog LARGE
Purify Flame Dawn INFESTATION- Purify
Recycle Factionless RISE- Recycle
Redirect Cult of Verore OPPRESSION- Redirect
Rita's Thrall Cult of Verore CORE- Rita's Thrall
Ruins Of Veroria Cult of Verore Ruins Of Veroria
Scramble Exiles INFESTATION- Scramble
Shattered Veil Genesis Industries -or- Exiles OPPRESSION- Shattered Veil
Shield Generator Genesis Industries RISE- Shield Generator
Shirazius the Cruel Factionless ASCENSION- Shirazius The Cruel

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Deck OnlyEdit

The following cards are not available as commanders. They are able to be drafted in the deck:

Commanders OnlyEdit

The following cards are not available in deck, but are available as commanders:

Name Faction Image
Aleta, Immortal Traveler Factionless RISE- Aleta, Immortal Traveller
Gao Han, The Stalwart Descendants of the Dragon RISE- Gao Han, The Stalwart
Radariah, The Untouchable Factionless CORE- Radariah, The Untouchable


  1. Weekly Post #6 - Putting an End to Endless Turns & Cultivating Draft on Official Lightmare Community Forums
  2. Patch Notes Version 1.5.0 on Official Lightmare Community Forums
  3. Sydern's card text prevents him from being a commander anyway.

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