ASCENSION- Support Drone
Faction Genesis Industries Purity Genesis
Type Character - Artificial
Set Ascension Rarity Common
Cost 1 Morale 2
Atk 2 HP 2

When you deploy Support Drone, target Character gains +3/+3.

RU: При размещении Support Drone, целевой Персонаж получает +3/+3.




Play Tips: Can buff itself to become a 1 cost 5/5.

A good choice in command with Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer. Turn 1, buff the Support Drone with Aleta's ability. Turn 2, buff the Support Drone again with Aleta, then deploy Support drone buffing itself. This results in a 11/11 on Turn 2 straight into the Assault Zone or Defense Zone as needed.

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