INFESTATION- Vasir, The Chained Prince
Faction Cult of Verore Purity VeroreVerore
Type Unique Character - Demon
Set Infestation Rarity Epic
Cost 7 Morale 12
Atk 18 HP 18

Flying, Unstoppable

Vasir starts the game Chained, and cannot attack or block while Chained. Each turn Vasir is deployed, your opponent must pay 5. If any do not, Vasir becomes Unchained. If Vasir is removed from play, he is shuffled into your deck Unchained.


Deep in Veroria lies Aleta's greatest secret: the fragile key of the demon's enslavement.

Unable to kill him, but able to subdue him, Aleta gained mastery of his demonic minions.

The Chained Prince struggles ceaselessly to break free of his bonds so that he may torture Aleta as she has tortured him.

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